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hagebaumarkt Flower Talk – Sexualität

Let our professional flower psychologist talk to your flowers and plants. You will see – your little green frinds will feel better afterwards!


The 'Sex' chapter:

So what are your problems, dear houseplants? What would you like to talk about? About sex, perhaps? Are you perhaps a little shy to tell?
I know it's a subject that's not so easy to talk about. I understand that you might find it hard. But that's why I'm here today.

You couldn't know, but the first time I had a talk about sex, I was about the same age you are now, around two or three, at the time.
I can tell you, it wasn't so easy for me then either. It was simply a subject about which nobody really talked. But, at that time I already knew how liberating it can be to chat freely about such an embarrassing subject. And believe you me, today I can say out loud that sex is something perfectly normal. If not in fact the most normal thing in the world!
Did you know, everyone has their pet preferences, things they don't like, weaknesses, strengths. Some more, some less. It's all so perfectly normal.

But whether you're partial to an early or a late flowerer, or like bees with narrow or wide stripes, it doesn't really matter. Everything is perfectly ok. Don't feel down, there's absolutely nothing to be ashamed about. Why should there be?

Because even if you have wild erotic fantasies, that's perfectly normal too!
Like if you think it's so really sexy how the daffodils in the garden slowly stretch their slender necks in the first rays of the sun – so what – that's ok too!
Even if you're sitting here in the room and you see a Humming Bird on TV hovering over an orchid bloom, gently fanning it with warm air, and this gets the juices rising in your buds at the mere thought of it – all perfectly natural!
I heard there are even some plants that just adore being thrown against spiny cacti spines by the wind. Well, why not?

Do you know what the most important thing is to make sure that you really know where you stand? That you really know what you do and don't do is absolutely on the line. And that you enjoy it. Be confident, recognise your passions and emotions and stand by them.
And then, dear listeners, I can guarantee you will then enjoy life on a truly organic basis and flower more freely than you ever imagined.

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